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Hello! Hopefully this answers any questions you have about ordering a rug!  
All rugs are made of 100% NZ wool, are custom designed for you and made to order.
Commissions are currently closed.

$390NZD for a 2x2 panel

$790NZD for a 3x3 panel (105cmx105cm)

$990 NZD for a 2x5 panel (200cmx80cm)


The first step to ordering a commissioned rug is to email me!
My email is When you email me, let me know a few things. 

What size of rug you want 

You can choose one of the pre-priced sizes from above, or I can work out a quote for a specific size. Max size I can currently do is 150x270cm.
Where you are based

Shipping a rug can be expensive so it's good for you to know
approximately how much this will cost you on top of the rug itself.

What you’ve got in mind

Give me an indication of the kinda thing you’re wanting.
I can come up with a design completely on my own, or you can give me some ideas to work from.It can be about you, or about things you like, or whatever! Alternatively you can leave the design entirely up to me and get a fun surprise. Either is cool with me -  but try to keep it open and not too specific, as a large degree of creative control is required on my end. 


Once we’re settled on what we’re making, I require a 50% deposit of the quoted price to start designing and making your rug. This secures your place in the queue, and from here on we can start working on your custom design together! I take payment via Paypal or bank transfer.


I’ll start designing the rug, this process usually takes me a 2-3 weeks. I’ll send it back to you and once we’re all settled on a design,I can start making the rug! Lead time for completion is usually about 13-14 weeks.


I will email you and let you know when your rug is completed.
Once the other 50% of the rug plus shipping is paid I’ll send it off to you.


You receive your custom rug!

Other things you might wanna know:

Pickup is free and available in Wellington, New Zealand.

Shipping is always tracked as I would hate for your rug to get lost in the mail! I can do international shipping, this cost ranges a lot. (Usually anywhere from $20NZD to $250NZD  depending on where you are based/how big.)

The style of the rug will *always* be consistent with the style and design of my other works :)

Deposits are non-refundable.

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